Patrick von Sychowski, Cultpix: How to Develop Digital Media in 195+ Countries

SPEAKERPatrick von Sychowski, co-founder of Cultpix, UKInterview with Vera Kovaleva,

Adam Leah, Nxtedition: How to Publish Video on Multiple Places in Seconds

SPEAKERAdam Leah, creative director of Nxtedition, SwedenInterview with Vera Kovaleva,

Mr. Metaverse: What is the Upcoming Future

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David Eisenbacher, EZDRM: How to Choose DRM Vendor

SPEAKERDavid Eisenbacher, co-founder and CEO of EZDRM, USAInterview with Vera Kovaleva,

Dom Robinson, id3as: Why Greening of Streaming is Important

SPEAKERDom Robinson, founder of id3as and Greening of Streaming, the UKInterview with Vera Kovaleva,

Aragorn Meulendijks, Mr. Metaverse. Intro to the Metaverse.

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Deepak Singh, Disney Streaming: Why I Decided to Become an Expert in CDN

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Pierre-Alexandre Entraygues, Hexaglobe: “How we Developed Business during 16 Years of Changes”

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Hector Rodrigues, HAT Media Services: Digital Media is the Future

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Rotem Cohen, Nextgen Media: “Africa is a Great Market”

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